François Darlan

Admiral of the Fleet


Naval Minister: This player’s battleships and cruisers cost one less point.

No Surrender: This player’s surface ships may make gunnery and antiair attacks at no penalty when crippled.

Poor Positioning: This player must always deploy before players that do not have Poor Positioning.

Surprised: This player gets -1 on the initiative roll on turn 1.


“The destruction of the fleet at Toulon has just proved that I was right.”

Darlan was Admiral of the Fleet and commander in chief of the French Navy in 1939, at the beginning of World War II. After France capitulated to Germany in 1940, Darlan served in the pro-German Vichy regime, becoming its deputy leader for a time. When the Allies invaded French North Africa in 1942, Darlan happened to be there. The Allies recognized him as head of French North Africa, and he ordered French forces to cease resisting and cooperate with the Allies. Less than two months later he was assassinated.

François Darlan

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