War at Sea Admirals

My version of a popular houserule – each player gets to pick an admiral to command the fleet!

Admiral Rules

War at Sea Scenarios

There are lots of War at Sea scenarios, but most of them try to be strictly historical and dictate which forces each side has available. There are two problems with that. First, most historical WWII sea battles were not fair – one side had stronger forces. Second, fleet selection is a big part of War at Sea strategy.

I’ve tried to design these scenarios to allow for at least some ship selection while keeping the flavor of a historical or semi-historical battle.

Some scenarios are hypothetical, meaning they are battles that did not happen but easily could have happened. Hypothetical scenarios allow for a little more balance between the sides.

Battle of Dakar
UK vs. France

Red Sea Breakout
1940 (Hypothetical)
UK vs. Italy

Battle of the Coral Sea
U.S. vs. Japan

Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands
U.S. vs. Japan

Battle of Attu
1943 (Hypothetical)
U.S. vs. Japan

WAS Scenarios